The NMT Institute has created a treatment concept of decompression taping called “NeuroMuscular Taping” widely known in medicine and rehabilitation. The NMTConcept is used in physical rehabilitation, in sports medicine, in nursing, in speech therapy and language pathologies, in all aspects of health care. It is a therapeutic tool in the prevention of and in the active treatment of many conditions requiring increased self-healing capacity.

“NMT Know-How” and “Intellectual Property – NMT“ began in 2000 and consolidated during 2003 together with the creation of both the NMT concept and the NMT Institute. The Institute plays a key role in the management of precise training and in the development of specific protocols for pathologies and conditions requiring treatment. Since its creation, the NMT Institute is a benchmark for specific innovative training programs and for its involvement in numerous volunteer initiatives in various parts of the world. Through correct training the NMT Know-How is passed on to health care professionals while in collaboration with tertiary education institutions the NMT intellectual property can be shared to all.

The other is NeuroMuscular Taping methodology, a non-stretched tape applied over the skin in an extended position resulting in a decompressive taping definition. NeuroMuscular taping refers to a specific decompressive taping application techniques which originated in the early 2000’s in Italy. This NMT taping system is characterised by resulting skin wrinkling, skin folds or skin undulations. Elastic NMT decompression taping application creates various types of skin, muscle, joint, sensory, vascular and tactile stimulation under study over the last decade. Hence 2 types of taping application resulting in 2 different and opposing methodologies.

The NMT Team is available in many countries

The aim of the NMT Institute is to create training programs in the many countries requesting assistance. Trainings started in 2003 and many programs were in collaboration with specific volunteer projects, for example phantom pain and amputation program in Sarajevo 2010 and Mekelle, Ethiopia in 2016 and 2018 or paediatric club foot rehabilitation program in Congo in 2015. Currently NMT branches cover South, Central and North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Many of the NMT trained professionals can be viewed through the REGISTER.  If you wish to have more specific information regarding training calendar and programs please link to the corresponding pages seen below.

Register of Professionals Trained in NMT

The NeuroMuscular Taping (NMT) REGISTER is a complete list of professionals trained in official NMT courses in the many countries offering certified training. NeuroMuscular Taping® is a registered trademark linked to codified procedures which are authorised through a training and certification process. Only professionals trained in official courses, given by qualified teachers, can be certified. This process guarantees their results and their high level of therapeutic competency achieved through correctly applying NeuroMuscular Taping methodology.

Upcoming NMT Programs 2023-2025

SPORT NMT Rehabilitation training course ONLINE 6 days + skill exam commencing March 2023


Treatment & Rehabilitation ONLINE course

6 day sessions (4 hours per day): 30,31 March, 13,14 & 20,21 April 2023
Simultaneous translation English and Spanish
Special guests:
  • David Blow, Founder NeuroMuscular Taping Institute
  • Dr. Mabel Bussati, Course Director
Course organiser and provider: NMT INSTITUTE South America
Contact: +54 91153107585, +54 91153291040

NMT Volunteer Training Programs 2023-2025

The recent earthquakes in Lombok and Sulawesi, Indonesia has caused many deaths, devestation and injured. Together with the many medical First Aid interventions the island’s physical therapy Association has been assisting the many injured with emergency professional health care covering compressive bandaging, splinting, NMT taping and recovery of post trauma mobility.

Many Nmt community programs which included trained doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists and nurses assisted where possibile and continue to give treatment day by day. The next volunteer training program specific for natural disaster relief will be held in Palu, Sulawesi 21,22 january 2019.

Contact Mr Sunarto (Indonesia): or +628129409374
Contact David Blow: or +393387773912

NMT Indonesian Training Programs 2023-2025

Collaboration between the NeuroMuscular Taping Institute and the Nusantara Medika Tekno Indonesia Foundation started in 2016. This new foundation will govern NMT Institute training, research, programming, educational development and university collaborations in Indonesia.

All NMT training programs follow the necessary “Continuing Education in Medicine” guidelines for professionals and are held in collaboration with tertiary and university educational structures, professional associations and the Health Ministry. Nusantara Medika Tekno Indonesia Foundation will reach out to other countries in the Asean region offering comprehensive training, clinical support services, therapeutic protocols, research and volunteer training projects

Contact Mr Sunarto (Indonesia): or +628129409374
Contact David Blow: or +393387773912

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