Welcome to the NMT Academic Core Group

The mission of the Academic Core Group is to ensure the continued excellence of NMT Institute’s academic staff and collaborations so we can fulfill our training missions. We are set to offer broad access to superb education in the medical and rehabilitation sphere, improving protocol treatment mechanisms, pushing forward the frontiers of knowledge and research while assisting in improving quality of live issues for the public good.

We work closely with the Teachers group, sharing their personal and professional expertise searching for better treatment outcomes. The Academic Core Group Achievements and Review System collects and analyzes data to assess the effectiveness of our current academic practices, project areas for future trainings and to identify areas in which the NMT Education Syllabus may improve.

NeuroMuscular Taping syllabus design has been studied for doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, occupational therapists, speech therapists and language pathologists, osteopaths, chiropractors, podiatrists, lymphatic drainage therapists, massage therapy and body work, posturologist, sports medicine professionals and others who work in the medical professional area. The aim of the Institute is to encode correct training through basic courses, advanced courses and insights into specialization treatment areas with qualified teachers. NeuroMuscular Taping is a non-invasive, non-pharmacological technique that complements your manual therapy and offers patients and athletes, professionals and non, an alternative and effective treatment care system.

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NeuroMuscular Taping Institute Core Staff and Teachers

David Blow is the founder of the NeuroMuscular Taping Institute and creator of the NMT decompression taping concept. He is the lead teacher of the Core NMT Teachers Group inspiring the development of new frontiers and passing on the NMT KNOW-HOW to others.

European states

Maurizio Mazzarini NMT Teacher
Rome, Italy
Physical Therapist
Barbara Ramella NMT Teacher
Turin, Italy
Speech Therapist
Language Pathologist
Carmine Berlingieri NMT Teacher
Venice, Italy
Physical Therapist
Tania Pascucci NMT Teacher
Frosinone, Italy
Physical Therapist
Francesco Starita NMT Teacher
Rome, Italy
Physical Therapist
Franziskus Vendrame NMT Teacher
Treviso, Italy


Physical Therapist
Monica Coggiola NMT Teacher
Physical Therapist
LDM Teacher with Vodder e TDC
Dejan Kumar NMT Teacher


Massage Therapist
Athletic trainer
Aleksander Nikolic NMT Teacher


Physical Therapist
Luca Chisotti NMT Teacher
26 June 2018. Combattendo la sua malattia Luca Chisotti lunedì pomeriggio è venuto mancare. Alla famiglia e a tutti i suoi amici va tutto il nostro caloroso abbraccio. Lo ricorderemo sempre come un grande insegnante, amico, guida e mentore eccezionale. Il suo immancabile sorriso e la sua disponibilità mancheranno molto a tutti coloro che conosceva personalmente e non. Il Team di NMT.

North America

Angela Ciurleo NMT Teacher


Giulia Tizzano NMT Teacher


Physical Therapist


Samila Blow NMT Teacher
Physical Therapist (Italy)
Remedial Massage (Australia)

South East Asia

Dr. Wahida Ratnawati NMT Teacher
Sulawesi, Indonesia
M.D. Neurologist, Sp.S, M.Kes
Dr. Herlyani Khosama NMT Teacher
Sulawesi, Indonesia
M.D. Neurologist, Sp.S(K)
Dr. Henny Anggraini Sadeli NMT Teacher
Jakarta, Indonesia
M.D. Neurologist, Sp.S(K)
Heri Kristianto NMT Teacher
Malang, Indonesia
Nurse, PhD, , MKep.,Sp.Kep.MB
Sugianingsi Silambi NMT Teacher
Papua, Indonesia
Physical Therapist, Amd. Ft
Dr. Sofiati Dian NMT Teacher
Bandung, Indonesia
M.D. Neurologist, Sp.S(K), M.Kes, PhD
Dr. Aih Cahyani NMT Teacher
M.D. Neurologist, Sp.S
Dr. Amanda Tiksnadi NMT Teacher
Jakarta, Indonesia
M.D. Neurologist, Sp.S(K)
Dr. Umi Budi Rahayu NMT Teacher
Solo, Indonesia


Physical Therapist, PhD, S. Fis., Ftr., M.Kes
Jeannie Grace Romulo NMT Teacher
Jakarta, Indonesia


Physical Therapist, Ftr
Athletic Trainer
Sunarto Hardjo Soetopo NMT Teacher
Jakarta, Indonesia


Physical Therapist, Ftr
Agung Hadi Endaryanto NMT Teacher
Gresik, Indonesia


Physical Therapist, M.Kes, Ftr.
Sport Educator
Fajar Wijanarko NMT Teacher
Jakarta, Indonesia


Physical Therapist, Ftr.
Siti Novy Hikmah M. R. NMT Teacher
Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Physical Therapist, S.St, Ftr, RPT, M.Psi
Dr. Grace Tumbelaka NMT Teacher
Jakarta, Indonesia


M.D. Sport Medicine, SpKO
Heru Purwanto NMT Teacher
Jakarta, Indonesia


Physical Therapist