Training is available in the following Professional Areas

  • Specific training for professionals in health services
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • LinfoTaping Lymphatic and vascular rehabilitation
  • Occupational Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Speech Therapy
  • Pediatric Specialization
  • Treatment protocols
  • Research projects
  • Hospital and University collaborations
  • Humanitarian Self help and vocational training



The NeuroMuscular Taping (NMT) Institute’s objective in creating the International Volunteer Project is to provide medical professionals working in rehabilitation innovative and effective treatment protocols and skills that improve patients ‘ overall treatment Results and quality of life. The Institute was founded in 2003 in Italy and its headquarters are in Rome and recently opened in 2012 New York, meeting the needs of patients undergoing rehabilitation in the USA. The founder and director of the NMT Institute is David Blow.

The Institute is committed to creating innovative continuing education programs to help medical treatment rehabilitation services offer the best therapy possible. The NMT Institute’s goal is to improve patients ‘ overall treatment results and quality of life by using our treatment protocols to maximize patients ‘ rehabilitation time, reduce pain, and enable patients to achieve active and healthy lifestyles. The Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation Education program maintains high quality standards that will guide medical and rehabilitation staff in gaining new treatment skills to improve short and long-term rehabilitative care.

NeuroMuscular Taping as a flexible technique that can be integrated with many other neurological and physical therapies, such as PNF, osteopathic, chiropractic, occupational therapies, and all types of therapeutic exercise and manual therapies. Neuromuscular Taping is a method of treatment developed in Europe that has successfully been used in hospitals and clinics by doctors and therapists specializing in post-operational, orthopedic, cancer, and neurological care of patients as well as in sports medicine.

NeuroMuscular Taping Institute’s continuing education courses bring innovative treatment protocols and structured rehabilitation programs together. These form the groundwork for clinics and hospitals to achieve the following goals:

  • Use of treatment protocols to maximize patients ‘ rehabilitation time

  • Maintain high quality standards and to improve short-and long-term rehabilitative care

  • Reduction of pain and overuse of medication

  • Reduce Complications

  • Improvement of mobility and increased autonomy

  • Improvement of patient compliance in ongoing therapy

  • 24-hour therapeutic benefit

  • Achievement of active and healthy lifestyles for patient

NeuroMuscular Taping Continuing education programs may be provided in the form of:

  • Post Graduate Training Program – to give newly qualified professionals a treatment skill, helping them to meet day-To-day treatment objectives.

  • Graduate (final year) training program – To improve students ‘ knowledge and understanding of functional anatomy.

  • On-site or in-house training program – To improve therapists ‘ competency, enhance performance-in-practice, introduces innovative techniques, and ultimately improve the outcomes of patient care.

  • Standard Surgical Program – To cover standard treatment procedures for common mainstream post-and pre-surgical rehabilitation.

  • Specialized surgical Program – Occupational therapy, lymphatic therapy, vascular, and rehabilitation care for specialized surgical procedures such as amputations, lung and cardiac surgery, pediatric club foot, etc.

  • Yearly Updating and Revision program – to improve therapeutic techniques through yearly updating and revision of treatment protocols To support high standards for patient care outcomes. To Update current knowledge through elaboration and expansion of the International Research, clinical trials and Case study Database maintained by the neuromuscular Taping Institute.

NMT Continuing education programs can be tailored to the needs and existing knowledge and skills of participants to continually expand rehabilitation and achieve the highest level of patient care.


The goal of the NMT Volunteer Professional Health Services project is to provide training specifically in the field of orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation in order to improve health services in countries in need. These are not government projects that have specific vocational and professional training in the health service area.

ALL projects have a specific start and finish together with a specific budget to realize the project fulfilling the outcome objectives. Costs are limited and most expenses are covered by the participating volunteer training staff and internally.

The aim of the initiatives is to impart upon colleagues therapeutic guidelines on manual methods in NeuroMuscularTaping in order to deal with everyday rehabilitation associated with orthopedic, neurological, and pediatric disorders. NMT Institute Italy has requested the participation of physiotherapists and doctors with specific experience and consolidated practical skills in the area of neuromuscular Taping in the various phases of rehabilitative therapy.

ALL projects are self-funded and are totally dependent on contributions. Donations of any amount can make the difference in countries where the daily income is as much as $1 or $2. Your donation will go straight to the project you wish to help. You will listed as a benefactor and you will receive continual updates on the programming, on site trainings, competition and project outcomes following each step by social media, filming and direct contact with participants if you wish. Any donation is accepted and each project has its expected budget to be realized.

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