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NeuroMuscular Taping Institute (NMTI) has been offering training in Europe since 2003. The NMTI Institute offers classroom (when possible) and ONLINE training, educational programs, research development, volunteer projects based on the NMT Therapeutic Concept. Trainings are available to a multidisciplinary medical professional group.

This group includes, but not limited to, Doctors and their specialisations, Physical Therapists, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Speech therapists, sport educators, managers, universities, hospitals and other health and fitness professionals working in treatment, rehabilitation, education and patient service management.

All training programs follow the NMT International Training Programs and obtain NMT International Certification. All educational training programs, research development, university collaborations, volunteer projects, teachers trainings and promotion activity is in close collaboration with David Blow.

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NeuroMuscular Taping trainings are offered in many countries in the European region. Many official course providers organise courses in collaboration with Health Ministry continuing education in medicine programs. Only authorised providers may offer courses.

Contact directly the country where you are interested in doing a course.

Contact for general information email:
Tel/WA: +39 3387773912

Calendar of NMT events

The following are dates and programs for training events, symposiums and presentations.

NMT training programs available

University pre-graduate and master programs

  • NMT Rehabilitation & Medicine Institute educational area was created to structure, design, coordinate and implement training activities. Our goal is to offer complete and certified training course for students who are the future professionals in the medical-rehabilitation field. Human capital is a valuable resource that needs to be cultivated through quality training.
  • Courses are reserved for last-year university students in various professional degree courses in the medical-health and sports rehabilitation fields. MOU agreements for continuing collaboration and Partnership Programs in training and research is currently available in many Universities.

Professional training programs

  • We have divided the many courses by professional areas, giving the possibility to choose the most suitable course for your different rehabilitation and treatment needs. As you can see there are courses covering many health care areas from post surgery to ulcer treatment.
  • Courses are divided into: INTRODUCTION COURSES, which provide basic knowledge of their field PROFESSIONAL IN-DEPTH COURSES, which can be accessed after attending an introductory course. Click on the course you are interested in and see the extended program.

Specialisation training programs

  • MONOTHEMATIC IN-DEPTH COURSES which can be accessed without any prerequisites. Click on the course you are interested in and see the extended program.

International Register of Professionals Trained in NMT

The NeuroMuscular Taping (NMT) REGISTER is a complete list of professionals trained in official certified NMT courses. NeuroMuscular Taping® is a registered trademark linked to codified procedures which are authorised through a training and certification process. Only professionals trained in official courses, given by qualified teachers, can be certified. This process guarantees their results and their high level of therapeutic competency achieved through correctly applying NeuroMuscular Taping methodology.

NMT Certified Teacher Team

Currently all NeuroMuscular Taping courses are aimed at professionals working in the private sector, public sector and hospital environment with an important possibility of continuing research and development. NMT codified procedures and protocol treatment systems can be included in all health, hospital and clinics promoting physiotherapy, rehabilitation and lymphatic drainage. Training programs are supported by the NeuroMuscular Taping Teacher Core Group – a team of qualified teachers specialised in the application of NeuroMuscular Taping as well their many therapeutic specialisations.

Are all taping methods the same?

At times, there is a misconception that Kinesiology taping, Kinesio taping, and NeuroMuscular taping are synonymous, reflecting a limited grasp of the underlying methods and techniques. However, what sets these various taping approaches apart?

The NeuroMuscular Taping technique introduces a distinctive concept centered around decompression and dilation methodology, distinguishing it from other forms of kinesiology taping and bandaging. Originating in Italy in 2003, and created by David Blow, this novel taping approach, known as NMT, enhances the process of clinical reasoning. Its foundation lies in specific decompression taping applications, which form the core of this innovative rehabilitation method. Precise application of this technique proves effective in alleviating pain, addressing sports-related injuries, reducing muscle tension, and concurrently enhancing athletic performance, rehabilitation, as well as outcomes in physical therapy, occupational therapy, midwife and speech therapy.


NeuroMuscular Taping Institute has been organising volunteer projects in developing countries for many years, providing a high level of specialisation in the rehabilitation area, using simple, effective and low-cost methods. The realisation of these projects is only possible thanks to a collaboration of local organizations, which already operate in the area.

Each project includes an initial training course of 4 days, followed by tutoring and clinical verification and training by the NMT Institute team. Duration of each project varies from 10 to 20 days. All organisational and logistical expenses are generally covered by the Institute or by an institutional sponsor. Travel expenses instead are covered by the volunteers: air ticket, visa, possible mandatory vaccinations. Other costs are covered by the NMT Institute.

Volunteers are required to have a spirit of adaptation, ability to work in groups, willingness to pass on their valuable treatment KNOW-HOW and enthusiasm to participate in the project.

Putting yourself on the line is not easy for anyone. We believe in “lifelong learning” and consider opportunities for civil and social engagement and acknowledgment of new cultures offered through international volunteering can be an effective tool to promote and stimulate your “active global citizenship”.

When you choose to take part in a volunteer project, you need to be sure to start with the right predisposition of mind, be able to accept challenges that you may meet along the way, unexpected difficulties, you must be able to get involved leaving your own comfort zone and leaving home any kind of prejudice while remaining open to welcome new knowledge.

To participate, simply send the completed application form (request at together with your CV. If you are chosen, you will receive confirmation (by email) and we will start the organizational procedures.

Why choose to participate in NMT Volunteer Projects? Because it is a training experience from both a professional and personal point of view or because you receive more than you give or because it allows you to know different realities enriching, empowering, and challenging your personal mind sense enhancing your inspiration and quality of life.

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