In recent years NMT Treatment methodology has achieved important results in post-surgical orthopedic rehabilitation and neurological rehabilitation of cerebral stroke, spinal trauma, Multiple Sclerosi, Parkinson’s and other degenerative neurological diseases. High level of results indicate that NeuroMuscular Taping is at the cutting edge of new therapeutic techniques used in medicine.

The NeuroMuscular You Tube Taping Channel should not be intended as a self-learning or online learning courses, but a channel where clinical and therapeutic experiences are shared. NMT training courses are highly practical and focused on manual learning in face-to-face courses that ensure the passing on of therapeutic NMT KNOW HOW.

The NMT Video channel offers videos of clinical experience, personal experiences, clips during training and Volunteer projects in various countries. Some images related to volunteer projects are particularly touching but represent the reality of the various health needs in countries at diverse levels of development.

What is the difference between NeuroMuscular Taping and other forms of Taping? Zero tension is the key. “Nearly all treatment protocols uses a decompression method to reduce pain and to facilitate recovery” – explains David Blow – “the correct use of the tape is to create dilation that will improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage. This is the key in a progressive rehabilitation approach”. Searching for better solutions in neurologic and orthopedic rehabilitation is the mission behind the development of NMT treatment system. Innovation in the world of rehabilitation often follows the path outlined by research and clinical observation. This is what happened to NeuroMuscular Taping (NMT).

NMT is a treatment and rehabilitation system designed by Australian David Blow in 2003. This treatment method developed in Italy originates from the NMT Concept that has been used successfully ever since in hospitals, clinics and private practices by doctors, physiotherapists and health care professionals and is currently recognized as a therapeutic support in medical rehabilitation.

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