The NeuroMuscular Taping Institute in addition to being a reference for all professionals looking for postgraduate specialization courses is also present in the university training process. NMT courses are made available to last year undergraduate students, as well in post graduate programs or through Master program specialisations.  Over the years more and more universities have created a solid collaboration training relationship with our Institute, which has led to an ever increasing interest on the part of the students towards NMT methodology.

To enhance this collaboration, the NMT Institute offers several yearly research scholarships dedicated to their research thesis that focuses on NeuroMuscular Taping methodology.  Newly graduated therapists are the new therapeutic force in our future health care system. Consequently our training institute strongly believes in the need to cultivate skills and methodology for these new graduates,  guaranteeing professionalism and to be prepared to face and solve different health needs.

The training area of ​​the NMT Rehabilitation & Medicine Institute was established as a structure for the planning, coordination and implementation of training activities. Our goal is to offer complete training courses covering many specialisations for students in the medical-rehabilitation field. Human capital is an important resource that the health industry must cultivate through quality training. Courses are reserved for undergraduate students in their last year of their degree courses in the medical-health and sports rehabilitation fields. University training covers various possibilities:

  • Internal training as an elective course or syllabus subject . This NMT student 60-hour program includes face-to-face lessons, tutorial study, group practice, written and practical exam.
  • External training as an elective subject. This theoretical and practical laboratory 32-hour program follows our standard certification program of courses according to the profession to which they are in training. The course is awarded credits at the discretion of the degree program coordinator.
  • University Master Course. The Professional objective is to know the theory and concepts underlying the NeuroMuscular Taping technique and to develop correct manual skills and protocol treatments foreseen during the master course specialisation.

In recent years, the NeuroMuscular Taping Institute organizes and facilitates training courses for university students in European, Asian and African countries. The NeuroMuscular Taping course is part of university credit activities. NeuroMuscular Taping Institute is part of the medical field and integral to future rehabilitative training. We believe that professional growth is achieved through access to quality professional courses and therapeutic skill development.

Sometimes, there is a misunderstanding that Kinesiology taping, Kinesio taping, and NeuroMuscular taping are interchangeable, indicating a limited comprehension of the fundamental principles and methodologies they entail. However, what distinguishes these diverse taping approaches?

The NeuroMuscular Taping technique introduces a unique notion centered around the principles of decompression and dilation, setting it apart from other variants of kinesiology taping and bandaging. Originating in Italy back in 2003 and devised by David Blow, this innovative taping approach, referred to as NMT, enriches the process of clinical rationale. Its basis rests in the specific applications of decompression taping, which constitute the heart of this groundbreaking rehabilitation approach. Precise implementation of this method has shown efficacy in easing pain, addressing sports-related injuries, mitigating muscle tension, and simultaneously boosting athletic performance, rehabilitation, and positive outcomes in domains like physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.


NeuroMuscular Taping courses are aimed at all health service professionals working in the private and public hospital sectors. NMT protocols and treatment procedures are fully indexed and maybe included in the health sector, in hospitals and in clinics as a support for physiotherapy, nursing, speech therapy, occupational therapy, sports medicine and rehabilitation medicine. The Training curriculum proposed by the NeuroMuscular Taping Institute for students in their last year of university aims to give accurate therapeutic tools in the beginning of their career.

Training courses are managed by our qualified team of teachers in the application of NeuroMuscular Taping and the various therapeutic specializations. Taping NeuroMuscolare® is a registered trademark linked to codified procedures and authorized by a process of training and certification. Only professionals in the physiotherapy, speech, occupational therapy, nursing, podiatry and medical environment, trained in official courses by qualified teachers, are qualified by the Institute. Hence guaranteeing results through obtaining a high level of therapeutic competency achieved in the NMT methodology.

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