After being trained and certified in one or more of our training courses, you can request the use of the NMT Certified brand logo with your certification code. This personalized logo can be used on brochures, on your website and in advertising your business. Only certified professionals can use the NeuroMuscular Taping logo.

NMT is a registered trademark. Are you registered as a NMT PRO? Register in the trained professionals register and then access the PRO option that allows you to stand out on a professional and training level. Patients often look on this site looking for the most suitable professional for their needs, through the PRO tab you can facilitate this search process!

If there are a large number of NMT trained therapists in your rehabilitation center, ASL or Hospital then register as a center of excellence NMT and facilitate patients that search for the most suitable rehabilitation structure.

If you’ve done one of our NMT courses you know that “Taping NeuroMuscolare is not just Taping”!

Are you interested in the Volunteer NMT training process for your country?

DO YOU WANT TO ENTER PART OF OUR TEACHING and ORGANIZATIONAL BODY? Create a NMT Institute Branch in your city helping the continuing education process to offer the best possible for your country. Be part of the NMT KNOW-HOW. Only correct NMT application methodology can give sustainable results to difficult health care situations. Contact us for any information that you require regarding programs obtaining therapeutic excellence.

Send your CV to the following email . You will receive information regarding the training path.